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We provide staking service to the holders who are willing to keep their coins for a specific period of time. 

What is Staking?

In a Proof of Stake (PoS) system, while staking nodes are rewarded for processing transactions, building nodes yourselves may cost a large sum of money and energy, not to mention the nodes may work not effectively due to lack of experience in operation. This is why a system of masternodes has been set up by the company to bring the fair chance to the coin holders. Holders keep BHC coins in our system, which will later become staking nodes, and are rewarded when the nodes participate in the process of validating transactions. 

Become a Stakeholder

Stakeholders could store their funds safely without any concerns of loss; in return, they gain a reward as well as a certain level of power towards the platform. BitHera allows users to stake various cryptocurrencies in their accounts. We are cooperating with cryptocurrency issuers to process or plan to process staking their coins or coins at BitHera. 

BitHera Staking program

As collateral, a large number of BitHera coins are required to enter the network. This amount is adjusted continually according to the USD market value of BitHera coins. The goal is to keep the network accessible over time. The staking nodes will be rewarded for processing transactions.

The staking revenue stream for staking BitHera is presented below. The equivalent of a certain money amount in BitHera coins is the minimum amount needed to be eligible as a staking node. As the transaction costs depend on the BHC/USD exchange rate, this amount can also change. This is needed to ensure network security should BitHera prices rise or drop, but at the same time gives business users security on their transaction costs.

 BitHera Staking program has four staking packages and each has specific interest as follows:



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