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Take a look at the foundation and explore what has built the name of BitHera.



For both long and short term advantages, it is obviously brilliant to diversify your investment portfolio. Described as innovative, decentralized and containing great potential value, cryptocurrencies are considered as today’s digital gold and many have chosen digital money either as a scheme of asset storage and management, a technique for money transfer or an investment. The cryptocurrency market has emerged since 2016 with many new cryptocurrencies created every day. Prices’ increase and drop within just a few hours has made it a risky but profitable investment. The strong fluctuations are the opportunities for traders who desire to earn big and believe in their predictions. 

The rapid growth of cryptocurrency market has delivered the establishment of various cryptocurrency exchange platforms since the late 2000’s. Today the market is led by a handful of regional competitors. However, interacting with the highly technical interfaces that most platforms provide is considered to be inaccessible to an average investor. Furthermore, low liquidity, security maintenance as well as complex display still remain as barriers.

We aim to eliminate those barriers by developing a user-friendly, accessible platform geared towards the everyday investor – BitHera Exchange – the solution for investors desiring to participate in the crypto asset markets by an approachable trading ground. We will accomplish this by making it very simple to invest in crypto assets, setup simple self-directed portfolios which allow the everyday consumer to participate regardless of their general investment or crypto-asset knowledge. The BitHera Exchange platform will give our users unprecedented ease of use and exposure to crypto asset investment opportunities.


Not only is BitHera the world's emerging cryptocurrency exchange, but it also represents an entire innovative blockchain ecosystem. The ecosystem is built for the needs and welfare of our customers. BitHera’s development team put ourselves in users’ position to create the most convenient experience.

BitHera Exchange

BitHera Exchange is one of the fastest and most powerful decentralized crypto exchanges in the world.

BitHera Coin

BitHera is a utility coin that creates liquidity for every market access and is adopted to pay for all BitHera Exchange fees

BitHera Chain

BitHera Chain is a community-driven blockchain software system, with developers and contributors from all over the world. 

BitHera Wallet

BitHera Wallet is a secure, exclusive decentralized wallet where users can send, receive and store their digital assets.

Staking Pool

Staking is a practical program that allows users to receive discounted trading fees, to store funds safely without any concerns of loss.


BitHera Launchpad is the launching platform that assists entrepreneurs to bring their potential crypto projects to life.





BitHera was created with a strong intention to play a pivotal role in this expedition by laying the framework for what an all-in-one exchange should be. A blockchain software system developed by BitHera will have great liquidity thanks to a native currency - BitHera coin. With BitHera coin, we will facilitate faster, more secure and extremely efficient transactional services to our account holders. As a native asset, BitHera is a utility coin presented as one of the main features of our platform. It plays a major role in creating liquidity for every market access, regardless of their currency accessibility, adopted to pay for all BitHera Exchange fees.





We are going to create a high-performing, convenient and secure platform that helps to facilitate a world where cryptocurrencies are as accessible as fiat currencies. It is our mission to provide advanced financial tools, customer service in order to assist our users - whether total novice or trading expert - in making informed decisions.




Our amazing team is the key to BitHera’s success. We are incredibly proud to present a group of the most talented, hardworking and passionate people in the world. Interested in working with us?


Check for openings via [email protected].

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